Keep all valuables or hard-to-replace documents in a safe-deposit box: birth, adoption, marriage, divorce and death certificates; property deeds; wills; stock, bond or savings certificates; computer data; jewellery, precious metals and gemstones; currency. In fact, anything at risk of theft, fire, flood or tampering.

Document Managment

Grove Chambers Services provides a full process service which collects your paperwork, prepares it, scans, stores/shreds, provides you with an electronic copy to be saved on your server/computer, and if needed, backed up and held off-site in a secure environment.

If space is at a premium in your workplace, why not have your important paperwork make room for a better work environment. We will scan it for you and let you have all the information on a fob/disc/external drive or simply saved onto your server or computer. In addition, we can keep a backup copy off-site to guard it from fire, flood or tech problems. Finally, if your paperwork is still required, we can keep it in a suitable damp-proof storage. If you no longer need the hard copy, we can securely shred and dispose of it.

Regulatory and commercial requirements need not be such a bind if you choose to have your documentation dealt with in such a way that it no longer impedes you from conducting your day-to-day business without the headache of filling every bit of office space with yet more cupboards or filing cabinets.

Benefits of our service

  • Your office cleared of unnecessary clutter
  • From hundreds of files and cabinets to a neatly arranged file tree on your computer system
  • Off-site back up for peace of mind and satisfaction of regulatory requirements
  • Certificate of Destruction to verify and meet regulatory needs
  • Hard copy kept in a safe and secure location
  • Shredded when no longer required
  • Use our expertise and benefit from our investment in professional equipment



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